An army of Ant-Men in new extended TV Spot?

This title may be a bit of click bait I’ll admit, it’s hard to say definitively. But there’s definitely a collective group of flying ant’s following Ant-Man out of a cargo plane, by the looks of things?

Regardless, there seems to be something on the back of each of those fly ants. If it turns out that they are indeed people, it begs the question; what makes Ant-Man so special? If literally anyone can dawn a suit and shrink down, why should we be rooting for Scott Lang? I bet it’s because of his great comedic wit.

I like the simple dismiss of the possibility of asking the Avengers for help in this spot. I feel like the message there was;

“Shut up about it!”

Which is really the best and only explanation we need.

But what’s up with the pause in music when Ant-Man clings onto the gun? I get that they were trying to make the gun shot more impactful, but it just ended up being a little jarring overall for the spot.

Anyway, pretty good spot overall and it’s doing its job which is getting me psyched to see the movie.

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An army of Ant-Men in new extended TV Spot?