New images of Fant4stic arise (Really, only one interesting one)


Empire Magazine just released some new images of Josh Trank’s Fant4stic.There’s a pretty average image of the crew all suited up (presumably in the Negative Zone) and we get this really nice, up-close look at The Thing. Also, we get a weirdly sexual image of Miles Teller as Mr Fantastic, maybe it’s Dr Doom, either way I’m not getting into it.


The thing about this image of The Thing is that I really can’t picture Jamie Bell’s voice coming out of this guy’s mouth. Visually he looks great, I love that this is more of a deformed Ben Grimm rather than the smoothly symmetric incarnation from 2005, but I’m still suck at this whole voice road block for now. And I’m just saying, if he doesn’t do much talking in subsequent trailers, I’d take that to be some cause for concern.

These images do get me pretty pumped for the movie though. I really just want to see The Thing “Clobber” someone/thing already.

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New images of Fant4stic arise (Really, only one interesting one)