Sylvain White to direct ‘Slender Man’ horror movie for Screen Gems


Sylvain White is set to direct a horror film based off internet mythology of the Slender Man, for Screen Gems.

The Slender Man is described as a tall, slender (funnily enough) individual with a featureless face, wearing a black suit with a black tie and white shirt. The Slender Man was initially conceived in a photoshop competition in 2009. Though there is some contention online about Slender Man lore, here’s a little bit of it for you to mull over;

“Instead of an active chase, he is more likely to let his prey devolve slowly into madness until they are unable to cope with their situation, often watching from afar as this takes place. If angered, it will charge the aggressor and vanish with its victim to an unknown location.”TheSlenderMan.wikia

More recently, the Slender Man was popularised by the 2012 first person videogame, Slender.


White has paired with screen gems (a subsidiary of Sony Pictures) in the past for Stomp the Yard (2007). He also directed an underrated movie from 2010, The Losers. More recently, White has been focusing on various TV Dramas; Hawaii Five-O, The Originals, and Person of Interest, to name a few. Given that he’s dabbled in just about everything, I’m curious to see how his talents will translate to the horror genre.

So how did you come across the mythology of the Slender Man, and are you excited to see a film adaptation?

NB – Here’s a fun game for this article; take a shot every time you read ‘Slender Man.”

Source:  Deadline 

Sylvain White to direct ‘Slender Man’ horror movie for Screen Gems

Director, Justin Kurzel confirms: no Dues Ex Machina hay bales in ‘Assassin’s Creed’

If you’re a fan of the Assassin’s Creed universe, then you’d be more than aware of the trope of falling from a great height and landing comfortably in a bale of hay, dubbed the “Leap of Faith”. Now, this great height can vary from a couple of metres, to several-hundred stories on a whim.

Since this trope has come to be one of the franchise’s greatest critic, it’s to be expected that we won’t be seeing this specific adrenaline pumping, physics defying stunt in the movie.

In an interview with Gizmodo, director Justin Kurzel commented on the use of hay bales to brake an assassin’s fall;

“You’ll see a leap of faith, you won’t see it in a hay bale…It’ll end in a surprising way…I managed to find another way, in which an Assassin lands in the film.”


It sounds like we’re going to see a nice nod to the old ways of faith-leaping, probably in the background after Michael Fassbender’s, Aguilar, recovers from the leap.

Assassin’s Creed lands in theatres December 21st starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, Directed by Justin Kurzel.

How do you think the leap of faith will end in Assassin’s Creed?

Leaping into water seems like an obvious solution, however it does pose it’s own complications from a great height.



Director, Justin Kurzel confirms: no Dues Ex Machina hay bales in ‘Assassin’s Creed’

‘La La Land’: The ‘Grease’ for a new generation


La La Land is the latest musically invigorating film from director Damien Chazelle (Whiplash) starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. When an aspiring actress (Stone) has a chance encounter with a down-on-his-luck Jazz pianist (Gosling) a captivating relationship blossoms in the heart of the City of Angels.

Right off the bat; this film is visually gorgeous, and a little misleading to some degree. Chazelle’s use of flamboyant colours alongside Justin Hurwitz’s score and Mandy Moore’s dance choreography, made for some true theatrical eye candy.

However, I often caught myself thinking; “Oh, that’s right, this isn’t set in the ‘70s, it’s modern day.” There are some very subtle costume and set designs that creates this 1970s-era vibe, which trickles through to the rest of the movie and brings a Grease-esque element, to the first act especially.

As, La La Land, is Chazelle’s second mainstream indie film, I’m beginning to pick up on a common theme. That theme being; really pushing that; “Jazz is dying” PSA. To some extent, I see this as a good thing. Well, if it means that we’ll keep getting these jazz-infused cinematic masterpieces, I’m right on board. Let’s continue pushing jazz off the plank.

Or, you know, just rip it half. That works too. 

On the note of music; (I see what I did there) Chazelle has, once again, collaborated with Justin Hurwitz for a Golden Globe nominated score, that really makes up the backbone of this film. From hundreds of people dancing atop their cars (in what could only, otherwise, be described as mentally unstable behaviour) to LSD-like montages, this film wouldn’t work if the music wasn’t on point. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that, because Hurwitz delivers on every emotional beat, as the film requires them.

My only nit-pick with this movie is that Gosling’s singing, particularly his solo moment, is a little rough. And you know what; it’s not even that he’s bad, it’s just that there has been such a high-bar set for the rest of the film, that it highlights his much-better-than-mediocre singing voice.

All previously mentioned points, accompanied by an unconventional happy ending, makes La La Land a strong Oscar contender amongst various categories, and the perfect date movie.

‘La La Land’: The ‘Grease’ for a new generation

No director’s cut for Warcraft

Apparently, the first cut of Duncan Jones’, Warcraft was 160 minutes, later cut down to 123 minutes for it’s release. Which means we’ll be getting a two and a half hour director’s cut on the blu-ray…right…gu-guys?

Well sadly, no.

Speaking to The Thrillist, Jones confirmed that a director’s cut isn’t happening. Jones stated;

There will never be a director’s cut. With a film like this, where there are so many visual effects, every concession that you make you lose those shots.”

I’d imagine a large component that lead to this outcome, was the relatively low budget Warcraft had compared to it’s blockbuster competition, such as Captain America: Civil War. With budgets of $160 million and $250 million respectively.

Well, this is all disappointing to hear. I had a really good time with Warcraft, and I’d love to see more of this world. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the sequel that’s inevitably coming, thanks to the film’s success in China.

Cheers, China, you’re alright.




No director’s cut for Warcraft

Short-list of directors for Marvel/Sony’s Spider-Man

images (10)

Spider-Man is the talk of the town right now and today is no exception. Though thankfully it’s not about casting of the titular character but rather who will direct the film. Deadline has offered up a short-list of directors that are in talks for the task of bring this character to life (for the 3rd time (cinematically at least)).

The short-list of directors is; Johnathan Levine, Ted Melfi, John Francis Daley, Johnathan M Goldstein, and Jon Watts.

A lot of John’s in the mix. Or at least variations of the name. What’s up with that…nothing? Alright then, moving on.

By the sounds of things Daley and Goldstein are in talks to direct in tandem. Which would make sense as they have worked together in the past and are currently working on the reboot/sequel of the beloved Vacation franchise.


Personally, I like Johnathan Levine, 50/50 is one of my favourite movies of all time and Warm Bodies was fantastic. The characterisation of the curious teenager (played by Nicholas Holt) in Warm Bodies was an outstanding element in that movie from both a performance and writing standpoint, and I can see it translating over well to the character of Peter Parker.

There’s really no wrong answer as to who should helm the Spidey movie come 2017 and I certainly don’t envy Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige for having to ultimately decide. But of the proposed, who would you like to see direct the web-slinging-city-slicker?

If you couldn’t tell from the article, I’d back Levine.

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Short-list of directors for Marvel/Sony’s Spider-Man

New release date for live action Power Rangers

images (13)

Lionsgate have recently come out and changed their release date for the live action Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (not the official title by the way). I wasn’t even aware that this project had a release date to being with but apparently the original date was July 16, 2016. Now it’s been pushed back a couple of months to 13th of January 2017, the month movies go to die (if you’re not already aware of this concept).

As far as the date change goes; it makes a lot of sense to take it out of July so the movie doesn’t get lost in the shuffle between Star Trek 3 and the Ghostbusters reboot, however sending it to January is a little worrying. It could be nothing, maybe that’s the only slot Lionsgate had. But at face value it makes it look as if the studio doesn’t have faith in the movie, and unless the movie is a gigantic success, January is really going to dilute the number of audience members.

Dean Israelite is in talks to direct the movie. He recently gave us the outstandingly average Project Almanac. Yeah, this doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence. The writers on the other hand…they’re pretty good. The writers in question are Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller; who recently teamed up to write the likes of X-men: First class-y movie that saved the franchise, and the 2011’s Thor.

Don’t be expecting anything along the lines of the POWER/RANGERS short that was floating around a few months ago, from what I’ve heard Lionsgate are taking a direction that’s more skewed towards children. I mean…I still want to see it though.

images (12)

GO GO POWER RAN – I’m sorry…I’ll stop.

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New release date for live action Power Rangers

[Editorial] Is Neill Blomkamp a “One Hit Wonder” director?


Blomkamp blew audiences away with his first full length feature, District 9, In 2009. Since then, opinions on his movies have been mixed. Rotten tomatoes scores of Blomkamp’s Elysium had a slight decline in popularity from his directorial debut. Now Chappie has come around and…well…let’s just say that it wasn’t well received.

images (2)

Unpopular opinion incoming…

Say what you will about the poor acting from certain characters, misleading trailer, and near identical ending as District 9, but I found Chappie to be much more enjoyable than Elysium. I don’t know, maybe I just prefer the notion of a sentient robot over a man with an exo-suit bolted to him. But also, Chappie had more fun elements in it. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a serious tone, but I feel that Elysium was lacking in any fun at all, whereas Chappie had a decent balance of both.

The release of Blomkamp’s follow up to the 1980’s Aliens movie could most likely be the deciding factor for many movie goers as to whether they’ll keep coming back for Blomkamp movies, or categorize him into the M. Night Shyamalan group of directors. Surely he knows this as well, so I’m confident in saying that this Aliens sequel will be great.

Personally I can’t wait to see how good of a director is his when working in an already established universe, rather than one of his own creation.

Are you keen for Blomkamp’s Alien movie, or has his more recent cinematic efforts made you doubt his talent for directing?

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[Editorial] Is Neill Blomkamp a “One Hit Wonder” director?