New screenshot from ‘Logan’ confirms that Hugh Jackman…is still enormous

Hugh Jackman took to Twitter today and gave us a little tease for his upcoming solo X-men movie, Logan. Check out at the image below with the brief caption “fight or Flight.”

More like HUGE Jackman, amirite guys…g-guys?


Seriously though, Hugh is in incredible shape, yet again, for the role. It’s a bitter sweet realisation, knowing that the strict diet and exercise regime is a significant factor as to why this will be his last hurrah as Logan. Because, to be honest, he’s never looked the part more than he does now.

“Fight or Flight”? Let’s be honest, it’s probably fight. How about we take a moment to think of a time Wolverine has run away from a confrontation with such speed, and unhappy facial expression. Oh…that’s right, it doesn’t exist.

What do you guys think about this image, is it getting you excited for the movie?

Logan is set to hit theatres March 3rd 2017.

New screenshot from ‘Logan’ confirms that Hugh Jackman…is still enormous

Jason Segel may be joining Collateral Beauty


Jason Segel is reportedly in talks to join the cast of Collateral Beauty. Hugh Jackman and Rooney Mara are also set to star in the flick, with Allan Loeb writing and Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (critically acclaimed for his recent work on Me Earl and the Dying girl) set to direct.

Having not yet seen Me earl and the Dying Girl, it’s difficult to arrive at a fully fleshed out conclusion about all this. However, the collaboration of immense, and highly acclaimed talent here is a very promising sign for Collateral Beauty and Me Earl and the Dying Girl alike.

Allan Loeb’s script for Collateral Beauty was apparently very well received at Cannes Film Festival. Among other projects, Loeb’s previous work includes the 2008 movie, 21. Which I maintain that was, particularly from a story perspective, thoroughly entertaining.

An official synopsis for the film is yet to be released, but the gist of the story is as follows;

A marketing executive living in New York dips into a depressive state due to an ambiguous emotional event. Having hit an all-time low, his mates attempt to lift his spirits and it works, just not in the way they intended.

Segel can be seen next playing real-life Novelist, David Foster Wallace, in The End of the tour.

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Jason Segel may be joining Collateral Beauty