Marvel reveals an important upgrade for our favourite neighbourhood arachnid

Marvel has just released a short video expressing a couple of new features Spidey has to play with, come July. Although there are a few upgrades mentioned in the video, there’s only one of note that we weren’t already aware of, in relation to the web shooters. That upgrade being, “Selectable web types.”

Just what those webs are, we’ll have to wait and see. However, a thought just occurred to me. How would you guys feel about trick webbing?

Kind of like Hawkeye’s trick arrows, but you know…stickier. Maybe there could be an electrified web, maybe a solid rubber bullet-esque projectile, that kind of thing. It’s probably not going to happen, but it’d be a bit of fun.


I always cut the Sam Rami Spider-Man movies a little bit of slack on the topic of webbing variation. Since Maguire’s webs were organic, I guess he could produce whatever type of web he need in the moment. Nevertheless, I’m glad that we’re get a logical and tangible explanation of Peter’s ability for Homecoming.

What do you guys think about Spidey’s upgrades, and how do you feel about a trick webbing proposal?

Marvel reveals an important upgrade for our favourite neighbourhood arachnid

Jennifer Lawrence wants to play Mystique in the MCU before doing another X-Men movie

During the press junket for Passengers, Lawrence was asked by MTV how she would feel about Joining her co-star in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Lawrence responded;

“I would choose that over doing another X-Men…I won’t be Mystique in the X-Men movies, but I would love to be Mystique in Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Given the tone of the interview, it’s clear that this was meant as playful banter with an interviewer. But at the same time…get S@#T on 20th Century Fox.


Now, I’m sure I don’t have to reiterate to any of you that this isn’t going to happen. Spider-man joining the MCU was a one-off that occurred due to Sony’s financial situation.

Fox, on the other hand, is doing quite well with the X-Men franchise. Or, at least, well enough that they don’t need to trade off creative rights to their characters whilst maintaining revenue from them.

Check out the brief video below;

Jennifer Lawrence wants to play Mystique in the MCU before doing another X-Men movie

Russo brothers tease Marvel Netflix characters for Infinity War

Fans have long speculated whether or not we’ll be seeing the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and other Marvel Netflix characters joining the ranks of the Avengers in a cinematic outing, and Joe Russo may have just validated our suspicions. When questioned by Toronto Sun about the possibility of Marvel TV heroes crossing over to the film, Joe stated;

“We do consider everyone,…We don’t want to get too specific about what’s going to happen with these movies. We want these movies to be a surprise for audiences.”

He even went on to mention that the character list has been whittle down to 66. Though the list will undoubtedly shrink even more by the time production rolls around, it makes sense that that list would contain some extra characters not seen on the big screen.

Assuming that we will be seeing Netflix characters pop up for Infinity War in 2019, that’s pretty exciting. Well I mean, it’s exciting but, can you imagine Daredevil flailing about against Thanos and whatever other cosmic elements comes along with that. Jessica Jones could hold her own, but Daredevil would get crushed.


Somehow I don’t think this line would work on Thanos.

Russo brothers tease Marvel Netflix characters for Infinity War

Ben Barnes has reportedly been cast in the Punisher Netflix series

According to TVline, Ben Barnes, has been cast for the upcoming Punisher Netflix series, in a villainous role. Barnes is probably best known for his role as Dorian Gray, in the movie Dorian Gray…wow, really creative title there, Alliance Films.

The character he will be playing is kind of up in the air at the moment, though TVline have speculated it will be the ‘classic’ Punisher villain, Bobby Saint. Remember that guy?

Yeah, me neither.

Here’s what I’m saying, though. We don’t know, definitively, that he won’t be Dorian Gray. Dorian Gray is a public domain character (meaning anyone can use him in a film or tv show) and when you think about it, he’s kind of the perfect antagonist for Frank Castle (The Punisher). I mean, Gray would be the one guy the Punisher just can’t kill.

Also I feel that their personalities would clash, quite significantly. They would not get along.

Marvel/Netflix, I know you’re probably going down the Bobby Saint route, but please don’t. I want to see Frank Castle try time and again to kill Dorian Gray.


Ben Barnes has reportedly been cast in the Punisher Netflix series

James Gunn reveals Groot’s memory loss for Guardians Vol. 2

James Gunn recently took to Facebook to hilariously answer some frequently asked questions about his upcoming sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy. The most informative aspects, being questions relating to baby Groot.

First of all, he reassures the reader that Vin Diesel will be returning to voice baby Groot, teasing something along the lines of Carol Channing. When answering the question of wether baby Groot is like Groot’s son he simple said;

“It’s complicated”

Okay, I guess we’ll find out what that’s all about soon enough. The most interesting point, however, came just after that, when Gunn revealed that baby Groot doesn’t have Groot’s memories.

That’s kind of a game changer, from a story telling perspective at least. It’ll be interesting to see how baby Groot interacts differently with the group and whether or not he’ll still have such a tight knit friendship with Rocket.

Also, briefly touching on the question of whether Groot will remain a baby for the whole movie or if he will grow, Gunn was conveniently distracted by his cat.

I highly recommend you head over to Gunn’s Facebook page and read the entire post. It’s thoroughly entertaining.

James Gunn reveals Groot’s memory loss for Guardians Vol. 2

Anthony Russo writes himself into a corner for Infinity War

In an interview with The Independent, Anthony Russo discussed his writing style stating;

“There’s a writing adage that says ‘write yourself into a corner.’ My brother and I have always loved that adage,…..That was one of our favorite things about Civil War — that it ended in a difficult place where it’s hard to imagine what the road forward exactly is…”

If you are not already aware, both Russo brothers directed MCU movies have a cameo from Anthony’s brother and co-director, Joe, in minor roles. Most recently he played the role of a psychologist taking a bloody nap in a bath tub in Captain America Civil War i.e. “ended in a difficult place…hard to imagine the road forward…”

So clearly, Anthony is making quite a literal reference to the fact that he is going to be hanging out in the corner of a room, in some random scene of Infinity War.

I’ve clearly cherry picked some of his comments for the sake of, what I like to call; Low Standards Humour (or LSH to be efficient) However he does go on to say something about how the ramifications of Civil War will be explored “on camera”.

Which is good. Saves you from having another Iron Man 3 —> Age of Ultron issue, where it’s like…

“Oh, how did everything get resolved, you ask?

Something about, not fully collaborating about a dumb ending to this movie, that will completely change one of the most pivotal character’s standing point in this universe, so we’ll add in a couple of lines to explain it away, and also…SHUT YA FACE!”



So, things are shaping up for Infinity War. That’s good, that’s good to hear. Sorry, I just didn’t want to end it on shut ya face, it just felt kind of aggressive. So I’m just gonna freestyle this final paragraph. Well, I mean…I just did. So, Marvel…am I right guys?

Anthony Russo writes himself into a corner for Infinity War

An army of Ant-Men in new extended TV Spot?

This title may be a bit of click bait I’ll admit, it’s hard to say definitively. But there’s definitely a collective group of flying ant’s following Ant-Man out of a cargo plane, by the looks of things?

Regardless, there seems to be something on the back of each of those fly ants. If it turns out that they are indeed people, it begs the question; what makes Ant-Man so special? If literally anyone can dawn a suit and shrink down, why should we be rooting for Scott Lang? I bet it’s because of his great comedic wit.

I like the simple dismiss of the possibility of asking the Avengers for help in this spot. I feel like the message there was;

“Shut up about it!”

Which is really the best and only explanation we need.

But what’s up with the pause in music when Ant-Man clings onto the gun? I get that they were trying to make the gun shot more impactful, but it just ended up being a little jarring overall for the spot.

Anyway, pretty good spot overall and it’s doing its job which is getting me psyched to see the movie.

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An army of Ant-Men in new extended TV Spot?