Sylvain White to direct ‘Slender Man’ horror movie for Screen Gems


Sylvain White is set to direct a horror film based off internet mythology of the Slender Man, for Screen Gems.

The Slender Man is described as a tall, slender (funnily enough) individual with a featureless face, wearing a black suit with a black tie and white shirt. The Slender Man was initially conceived in a photoshop competition in 2009. Though there is some contention online about Slender Man lore, here’s a little bit of it for you to mull over;

“Instead of an active chase, he is more likely to let his prey devolve slowly into madness until they are unable to cope with their situation, often watching from afar as this takes place. If angered, it will charge the aggressor and vanish with its victim to an unknown location.”TheSlenderMan.wikia

More recently, the Slender Man was popularised by the 2012 first person videogame, Slender.


White has paired with screen gems (a subsidiary of Sony Pictures) in the past for Stomp the Yard (2007). He also directed an underrated movie from 2010, The Losers. More recently, White has been focusing on various TV Dramas; Hawaii Five-O, The Originals, and Person of Interest, to name a few. Given that he’s dabbled in just about everything, I’m curious to see how his talents will translate to the horror genre.

So how did you come across the mythology of the Slender Man, and are you excited to see a film adaptation?

NB – Here’s a fun game for this article; take a shot every time you read ‘Slender Man.”

Source:  Deadline 

Sylvain White to direct ‘Slender Man’ horror movie for Screen Gems

Sony Pictures has released the first 10 minutes of The Shallows

Sony Pictures has just released the first 10 minutes if the new shark thriller, The Shallows, starring Blake Lively. This isn’t the first time a distributor has released the first 10 minutes of a film to sway audience members into seeing it. However, in this instance it’s kind of a bizarre move.

Usually when the first 10 minutes of a film is released on the internet; it’s to promote the films release on Blu-ray and DVD, and although most of the cinemas in my local area have stopped screening the movie, there a still a few places where I can still see it on the big screen.

I can’t imagine that this was Sony’s intention by releasing this footage, because it is most likely no longer screening in the U.S. and it’s far from the film’s release date on Blu-ray and DVD. On top of that; Shallows did quite well at the box office racking in a total of about $92 million worldwide to-date with a budget of only $17 million.


Regardless, we have it now, and without having seen the film in its entirety, I’ve gonna say; it’s pretty lush. I was actually really impressed and engaged for the full ten minutes. We got a little glimpse of the inexplicably murderous shark, the island itself was (as I said) lush, and it had a surprising amount of humour in it.

I do want to see the movie now, you bloody got me, Sony. But at the same time I don’t. I feel like the comments I just made on the first 10 minutes could be extrapolated over the rest of the film, and that would be the gist of it.

If I’m wrong please let me know, I’d love to hear what someone who’s seen the film thought of it.

Sony Pictures has released the first 10 minutes of The Shallows