Final Transformers 5 trailer is garbage…but I still want to see the movie.

God damn it, Michael Bay.

Yet another excellent display of a decent trailer, for what will no doubt be an awful film.

The tone of this trailer is all over the shop. About 30 seconds of tense music over the top of action sequences, followed by a few sort seconds of what is supposed to be a comedic bit, followed by more action drowned out with droning music.

The ‘shot in the chest’ bit was actually pretty funny. This might be the first bearable comedic relief in a live-action Transformers film. Well…I’m hopeful.



For all this trailer’s faults, the final 15 seconds brings it back around. Somehow Michael Bay continues to find one small/interesting aspect to bring to each Transformers movie that makes idiots (like me) want to buy a ticket.

Age of Extinction had Stanley Tucci (That paid off). Dark of the Moon had no Megan Fox. Revenge of the Fallen had a writer’s strike. And, 2007’s Transformers had camera-shots-of-cars-turning-into-giant-CGI-robots, that-were-far-too-close-to-the-pogo-stick-used-as-reference-for-the-animators-to-actually-see-the-transformation (They were learning, cut ’em some slack). Now we get the–not at all Iron Man inspired–magically pulling themselves together gimmick.

So…has he just always been able to do this. Bumblebee’s just had this party trick up his sleeve for 5 movies, and he just didn’t use it. Seems like that would’ve come in handy at some point. Also, this completely destroys any tension whatsoever. Whatever happens to Bumblebee, he’ll just be able to suck himself back up.

(That wasn’t a euphemism, or anything)

Anyway, I’m going to see this. I don’t care what you think of me…What if it’s good–it won’t be, but what if it is? What ten year long rope-a-dope that would’ve been.

Final Transformers 5 trailer is garbage…but I still want to see the movie.

Teaser for ‘The Emoji Movie’: I’m positively euphoric right now

The first teaser for the long-awaited Emoji Movie has finally arrived, check it out below;

As someone who doesn’t use/care for emojis, I thought this trailer was a lot of fun. I don’t understand the like to dislike ratio here. It doesn’t look too dissimilar to your average animated movie skewed towards kids.

Having “express yourself” play over the top of the trailer, is a little on-the-nose, but I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the song and Meh’s enthusiasm, or…lack thereof.

The Emoji Movie releases August 4th, 2017, starring Steven Wright, T. J. Miller, and James Corden.

A, somewhat accurate representation of my reaction to the trailer

Alright, I’m genuinely curious; what is it that everyone hates about this trailer? Did it not do justice to the source material, what is it?

Teaser for ‘The Emoji Movie’: I’m positively euphoric right now

Steve Jobs official trailer 1

Wow, just wow.

Bit late to the party with this one, I’ve been doing stuff. Far out this looks fantastic.

Michael Fassbender nails the performance of Jobs. But honestly, Seth Rogen and Jeff Daniels’ performances are even more intriguing to me. It’s nice to see Jeff Daniels showing off his Newsroom talent on film.

I’m all about encouraging actors that are more known for comedy in dramatic roles, these days.

Steve Jobs official trailer 1

First trailer for Michael Bay’s 13 Hours (is pretty damn good)

Yes, Michael Bay! More of this.

I find it hard to believe that 13 Hours will turn out to be yet another “Terrible movie that has pretty alright action.” As Bay’s last few outings have been. Though I will say, if this partnership he has going with Paramount helped a film like this come to fruition, I can sit through a couple more not so great Transformers films.

Strangely, the most gripping and intriguing aspect of this trailer was John Krasinski’s performance. Yes, it’s only a trailer. Even so, you can really feel the intensity of Krasinski’s character oozing out of him. Whether that will translate, and be maintained throughout the full film, well…we’ll have to wait and see.

All in all, 13 Hours is shaping up to be a damn good movie. Get excited people.

First trailer for Michael Bay’s 13 Hours (is pretty damn good)

Hunger Games United teaser

Well…ah…So, Lionsgate has put very minimal effort into marketing for the final chapter of the Hunger Games cinematic run, so far.

I do like the costume, moving away from the S#*T stained brown colour of the last movie and leaning towards more of a ‘blood stained’ red/maroon. The beating of war drums as the emphasis of the frame becomes less and less about Jennifer Lawrence was pretty good as well. But everything else is just…well, cheap.

Come on Hunger Games. You’re one of the biggest franchises going around right now, you can do better than this. Hopefully they’ll bring their A-game when it comes to full length trailers.

Hunger Games United teaser

Second trailer for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is better than the first

A redundant trailer for me. Not because it’s bad—on the contrary it’s actually great—I’m just already sold on the movie. But of course I want to see as much of this movie as soon as I can…so, yeah.

Armie Hammer’s Russian accent is…fine. And Hugh Grant will make any good movie great. We also get to see Alicia Vikander have a little tussle with Hammer.

download (19)

Not like a hammer, as in Armie Hammer.


Yeah, him.

By all accounts, Vikander seems to be able to hold her own in an action flick. Like I’ve said in the past, after seeing Ex Machina, she was just another reason to get excited for this movie. Seeing her now in this trailer, it’s definitely getting me amped up.

I’m not really buying into this rivalry between Cavill and Hammer’s characters. From the trailer at least, maybe it’s represented better in the movie. Yeah, they’ve tried to kill each other in the past for their respected countries. But that’s all business, it doesn’t really explain this personal disdain towards one another. I’m sure there’s more to it, which we’ll see in the movie. But as of right now, not feeling it.

Overall an excellent trailer for what will hopefully be an excellent movie.

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Second trailer for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is better than the first

First trailer for The Martian is…something

What is this?

Honestly, I could have done without the voice-over at the beginning of the trailer. Or maybe just scrap the first 30 seconds or so, probably wasn’t necessary.

I didn’t know Donald Glover was in this. Good, I like him. That was a nice surprise. How about those other surprises, though?

“I’m gonna have to science the shit outta this.” Ok…dumb. Super dumb and messes with the serious tone the trailer was going for up until that point (I have to applaud the trailer for not even flinching on the tone, just by the way). But I kind of like dumb stuff like that so I’m still on board. “In yah face, Neil Armstrong!”…What?

Got him.

All jokes aside, I do really want to see this movie. It’s probably going to be great. I just hope that the vlog video that was released yesterday is more indicative of what the movie will be.

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First trailer for The Martian is…something