Final Transformers 5 trailer is garbage…but I still want to see the movie.

God damn it, Michael Bay.

Yet another excellent display of a decent trailer, for what will no doubt be an awful film.

The tone of this trailer is all over the shop. About 30 seconds of tense music over the top of action sequences, followed by a few sort seconds of what is supposed to be a comedic bit, followed by more action drowned out with droning music.

The ‘shot in the chest’ bit was actually pretty funny. This might be the first bearable comedic relief in a live-action Transformers film. Well…I’m hopeful.



For all this trailer’s faults, the final 15 seconds brings it back around. Somehow Michael Bay continues to find one small/interesting aspect to bring to each Transformers movie that makes idiots (like me) want to buy a ticket.

Age of Extinction had Stanley Tucci (That paid off). Dark of the Moon had no Megan Fox. Revenge of the Fallen had a writer’s strike. And, 2007’s Transformers had camera-shots-of-cars-turning-into-giant-CGI-robots, that-were-far-too-close-to-the-pogo-stick-used-as-reference-for-the-animators-to-actually-see-the-transformation (They were learning, cut ’em some slack). Now we get the–not at all Iron Man inspired–magically pulling themselves together gimmick.

So…has he just always been able to do this. Bumblebee’s just had this party trick up his sleeve for 5 movies, and he just didn’t use it. Seems like that would’ve come in handy at some point. Also, this completely destroys any tension whatsoever. Whatever happens to Bumblebee, he’ll just be able to suck himself back up.

(That wasn’t a euphemism, or anything)

Anyway, I’m going to see this. I don’t care what you think of me…What if it’s good–it won’t be, but what if it is? What ten year long rope-a-dope that would’ve been.

Final Transformers 5 trailer is garbage…but I still want to see the movie.

Transformers 5 officially in pre-production

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Cheers to Alex Yu from TheRaginNation for pointing this out to me, I missed it upon its official announcement like many others. By the way; if you’re a Transformers fan you need to follow this guy’s stuff. He’s a hardcore, passionate Transformers fan and he goes in-depth into every aspect of the franchise especially when it comes to updates on the upcoming movies.


So: at toy fair a few weeks ago the announcement that Transformers 5 has been green-lit. Not much was really announced. Actually, all that was announced was that Hasbro’s CEO Brian Goldner confirmed the movie is in pre-production.

My only two requests are:

  1. Hire a screenwriter this time
  2. Don’t bring back Michael Bay

Listen. I’m not saying Ehren Kruger is a bad screenwriter, I’m just saying he wrote the lesser of the Transformers movies.

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First off I want to state that I’m not one of those people who blindly hates Michael Bay, in fact I don’t hate him at all.

But here’s the thing; He didn’t want to come back for Transformers 3 but he did, he didn’t want to come back for Transformers 4 but he did, both due to large sums of money (and probably some other requirements like making Pain and Gain) from Paramount Pictures. The point is; if he doesn’t actually want to do be doing the movie he’s not going to put his heart and soul into it and it just won’t end up being as good as it could be.


Give it to Doug Liman, director behind; The Bourne Identity, Jumper, Edge of Tomorrow. Seems like a choice a little out of left field, but take a closer look at the above movies. The man understands action and at the same time he knows how to handle character progression, something lacking from the Transformers franchise. While I don’t think the Transformers franchise is an area Liman would actually be interested in, it’d be cool to see his take on it.

And yeah; I get that the Transformers movies are basically 2 hour long toy/car commercials, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a good movie out of it.

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Transformers 5 officially in pre-production